Effortlessly collect & monitor in-product user feedback

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Achieve product goals faster by iterating on the right insights

Know why users churn

Identify common negative themes from feedback left behind by users who have churned

Continuously identify experience gaps

Understand why users abandon purchases

Configure & launch targeted micro-surveys without any code

Run recurring & one time studies

Target the rights users & actions

Launch mobile, website & link studies

Monitor trends on a single dashboard, align all teams with the voice of the customer

A.I. Generated actionable insights

Analyze feedback by user properties

Custom dashboards for all teams

Get started in 20 minutes

1. Install the SDK

Easy, self serve documentation to set up Blitzllama on your app or website. Google tag manager set up also available for web based applications.

2. Create a survey or select template

3. Sync cohorts & target key actions

4. Launch & monitor insights at scale

Works great with the tools you love!

Sync exisiting user attributes, cohorts from analytical tools and also download & export all user insights via API or webhooks

We’ve got your users & your team covered!

Protected UX

Settings that prevent users from getting over surveyed & reduce bias in responses

Secure & scalable

Data encrypted in-transit & storage. Hosted behind VPC


Launch in-product surveys and link surveys from a single dashboard

Targeted surveys

Ask questions to the right users at the right moment usings cohorts & triggers

Customize to match your brand and your user’s language

Multilingual support

Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Kannada, Tamil +58 others

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