Validate Designs
Before Development

Conduct unmoderated concept tests with your users to fix design and
usability issues in features before you ship it

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The best design teams use concept tests to create customer-focused experiences

Efficient Design Iterations

Empower your design team to make user informed decision with scalable, unmoderated user testing that keeps pace with your product development cycle.

Reduce Rework

Validate your designs and prototypes with users to guarantee successful product launches on the first iteration.

Use cases
Test designs with users at scale

Build with Confidence

Validate design concepts before starting development, reducing risk of rework and saving engineering resources.

Assess Interactive Flows

Conduct live tests of interactive flows to
identify the most user-friendly and efficient solutions.

Evaluate Prototypes

Gather direct user feedback and reactions on prototypes to make better design decisions and improve user experience.

3 easy steps to launch


Create a Prototype Test

Integrate your design files from tools like Figma, and set up relevant questions for user feedback.


Deploy the Test

Launch your test either directly within your product or distribute it to selected focus groups for targeted insights.


Interpret Feedback

Analyze the responses and user interactions to further refine your designs and enhance your product messaging.

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A robust set of features

Design Integrations

Embed prototypes built on Figma, Adobe XD & other popular tools

Browser-based Testing

Browser based testing compatible with mobile and web devices

Easy to Share

Easily create and share prototypes anywhere as shareable links

Screen Recording

Design and share custom dashboards to align your team around product improvements and customer pain points.

See what our customers say
"Blitzllama helps us through the feature development cycle, from early interest to know which part of the feature is most anticipated (drives into our marketing communication) to feedback on a feature to further iteration and enhancement"

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Vivek Kumar
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"We had a burning question, and like a wizard, Blitzllama conjured up an in-app survey that gave us mind-blowing insights in just one day. It's like having a genie in a bottle, granting us instant access to the knowledge we need. With Blitzllama, our team can make data-driven decisions faster than you can say "abracadabra".
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Ayan Baig
Growth Lead
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"Working with Blitzllama was a pure breeze from beginning to end. Thanks to Blitzllama, we have successfully gathered a lot of product insights into our customer preferences, pain points, and expectations helping us to make more data-driven decisions!"
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Shikha Dhanuka
Principal Product Manager
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"Blitzllama makes it super easy to get quick and relevant feedback. Event and cohort targeting makes it possible to generate highly contextual feedback in real-time, which has been valuable for our product team to iterate faster"
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Utkarsh Gupta
Head of Product
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"Our users are growing and user feedback is crucial to us as a brand. As we scale and reach more users, Blitzllama’s responsive team and their stack are a great choice for us"

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Anant Jain
Director of Product
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"Blitzllama has helped our product team champion the voice of the customer for the Mitra app. Even the Business, Operations & User Research teams use the tool to make critical decisions related to feature launches and process improvements on a continuous basis"
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John Manjila
Product Manager
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