Identify Product Opportunities Faster

Transform scattered data from app store reviews and other customer interactions into clear, actionable product insights and opportunities

The most efficient product teams use Feedback Hub to automatically identify opportunities
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Never miss customer concerns

Our AI extracts relevant product insights from every customer interactions across various tools and alerts on anomalies and trend changes.

Build a customer-informed roadmap

Consolidating insights from all your customer feedback sources into a single place makes it easier to prioritize your customers' most critical needs.

No-Code Setup

Get valuable and actionable insights without involving your engineering or data teams.

Use cases
Give your product a competitive edge

App Store Reviews

Effortlessly get actionable insights, recommendations and alerts from Playstore and Appstore reviews, so you can remain focused on building the product.

Track Competitors

Understand what users love or dislike about competitors. Spot feature requests posted in competitors' app store reviews.

Product Engagement Tools

Convert responses collected inside prompts from product engagement tools like Pendo, CleverTap or in-house tools into actionable product insights.

3 easy steps to start


Add your Playstore or Appstore URLs into Blitzllama's dashboard

Integrate your design files from tools like Figma, and set up relevant questions for user feedback.


Watch as reviews are converted to actionable insights within minutes

Integrate your design files from tools like Figma, and set up relevant questions for user feedback.


Work on the product recommendations or dive into the insights

Integrate your design files from tools like Figma, and set up relevant questions for user feedback.

A robust set of features

GPT-Powered Summaries

GPT-powered analytics summarizes open text responses and pinpoints key product opportunities and issues.

Survey Recommendations

Gather insightful summaries and product recommendations from survey responses.

Relevant Alerts

AI continuously analyzes feedback to uncover new trends and outliers, and generates alerts on critical product issues.

Shareable Dashboards

Design and share custom dashboards to align your team around product improvements and customer pain points.

Searchable Single Repository

Dig deep into feedback data with various attribute and cohort filters to observe trends and prioritize opportunities.

Reliable Data Guardrails

Data guardrails provide filters to exclude low intent responses and spam, while statistical confidence indicators further guide informed decision-making.

See what our customers say
"Blitzllama has become an indispensable ally for FloBiz. We use it extensively for evaluating new product opportunities and refining existing features. Before Blitzllama, navigating user insights was complex due to limitations of code instrumentation and user drop-offs in surveys conducted through external platforms like Google Forms. Blitzllama’s intuitive in-app surveys simplified the process, reducing time-to-insight for our Product, Research, and Growth teams."
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Siddharth Seth
VP of Product
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"Working with Blitzllama was a pure breeze from beginning to end. Thanks to Blitzllama, we have successfully gathered a lot of product insights into our customer preferences, pain points, and expectations helping us to make more data-driven decisions!"
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Shikha Dhanuka
Principal Product Manager
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"Blitzllama's insight-driven platform has been a game-changer for Kaagaz. It's not just about collecting feedback; it's about understanding the depth of our users' experiences. Thanks to Blitzllama, our feature adoption and conversion rates have significantly improved. A must-have for any product team!"
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Snehanshu Gandhi
Cofounder & CEO
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"Blitzllama helps us through the feature development cycle, from early interest to know which part of the feature is most anticipated (drives into our marketing communication) to feedback on a feature to further iteration and enhancement"

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Vivek Kumar
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"Blitzllama’s in-app survey solution has been nothing short of phenomenal. With their strategically timed surveys, we’ve seen a surge in user participation, providing a more comprehensive understanding of our user base and enabling informed decisions rapidly. We wholeheartedly recommend Blitzllama to any organisation seeking to unlock the full potential of their user feedback loop"
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Udita Chaturvedi
Senior UX Researcher
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"Blitzllama has helped our product team champion the voice of the customer for the Mitra app. Even the Business, Operations & User Research teams use the tool to make critical decisions related to feature launches and process improvements on a continuous basis"
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John Manjila
Product Manager
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