Our Mission

Blitzllama accelerates product development by empowering teams with effortless, deep user insights to create products that solve real-world problems.

Our story

As product and tech enthusiasts, we repeatedly encountered a common challenge: as products grow, teams often lose touch with their users' needs and experiences. This disconnect leads to feature creep, misguided product decisions, and bloated products that fail to meet their intended goals, resulting in wasted efforts across teams.

Determined to solve this problem, we set out to revolutionize the way teams gather and utilize user insights.

We joined Y Combinator's W22 batch to accelerate our growth and refine our product. During the batch, we quickly developed our MVP and launched it to an overwhelming response - a significant number of signups and deployments within the first month.

We’ve grown rapidly

Over 120 leading consumer & SaaS companies and 750+ product, research, marketing, and growth team members.
motilal oswal
"Blitzllama has become an indispensable ally for FloBiz. We use it extensively for evaluating new product opportunities and refining existing features. Before Blitzllama, navigating user insights was complex due to limitations of code instrumentation and user drop-offs in surveys conducted through external platforms like Google Forms. Blitzllama’s intuitive in-app surveys simplified the process, reducing time-to-insight for our Product, Research, and Growth teams."
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Siddharth Seth
VP of Product
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"Working with Blitzllama was a pure breeze from beginning to end. Thanks to Blitzllama, we have successfully gathered a lot of product insights into our customer preferences, pain points, and expectations helping us to make more data-driven decisions!"
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Shikha Dhanuka
Principal Product Manager
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"Blitzllama's insight-driven platform has been a game-changer for Kaagaz. It's not just about collecting feedback; it's about understanding the depth of our users' experiences. Thanks to Blitzllama, our feature adoption and conversion rates have significantly improved. A must-have for any product team!"
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Snehanshu Gandhi
Cofounder & CEO
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"Blitzllama helps us through the feature development cycle, from early interest to know which part of the feature is most anticipated (drives into our marketing communication) to feedback on a feature to further iteration and enhancement"

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Vivek Kumar
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"Blitzllama’s in-app survey solution has been nothing short of phenomenal. With their strategically timed surveys, we’ve seen a surge in user participation, providing a more comprehensive understanding of our user base and enabling informed decisions rapidly. We wholeheartedly recommend Blitzllama to any organisation seeking to unlock the full potential of their user feedback loop"
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Udita Chaturvedi
Senior UX Researcher
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"Blitzllama has helped our product team champion the voice of the customer for the Mitra app. Even the Business, Operations & User Research teams use the tool to make critical decisions related to feature launches and process improvements on a continuous basis"
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John Manjila
Product Manager
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14 Passionate experts executing at blitz-speed

We're an experienced team of product, tech & data science geeks with big ideas, coming from places like Zynga, Target, and FreshToHome.  All the magic happens in 🇺🇸 San Francisco and 🇮🇳 Bangalore!

What differentiates us

Ship continuously and fast

We release weekly updates, ensuring our product is always ahead of the competition

Always available for support

Being part of your journey and success is what drives us. We're here to help you achieve your goals.

Simple and intuitive products

With our extensive experience building B2C products loved by millions, we bring that same dedication to crafting intuitive experiences.

Built by product builders, for product builders

As former product, design, and tech leaders at companies like Zynga, Target, and startups, we understand the priorities of product teams.

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