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In-Depth: Blitzllama vs. Survicate

Blitzllama and Survicate offer similar feedback collection capabilities, but Blitzllama provides more advanced AI-powered analytics, greater affordability, and immediate, unlimited support.

April 25, 2024

Want to understand how Blitzllama and Survicate compare? Here is what both tools offer:

  • Survicate offers an easy-to-use platform with extensive features for feedback collection.
  • Blitzllama combines extensive feedback collection capabilities with AI-powered analytics to uncover insights across all sources of feedback data.

If you’re evaluating Blitzllama and Survicate, here are the high-level takeaways:

  1. Blitzllama and Survicate offer identical functionalities for in-product and link surveys. Both support surveys on all major platforms, provide event-based triggers, integrate with popular analytics and collaboration tools, and provide AI-based survey analysis.
  2. AI analysis on Survicate is limited to categorizing open-text responses into topics. Blitzllama goes much further with its survey-level insights, shareable dashboards, and its Discovery features.
  3. Blitzllama has a different pricing model and is significantly more affordable. For 1,000 responses, Survicate charges $270/month, while Blitzllama offers unlimited responses and charges $75/month for tracking 25,000 monthly active users.
  4. Blitzllama prides itself on providing immediate and unlimited support through chat and 1:1 Slack channels.

Let’s look at each in depth.

In-Product Surveys

In-product surveys allow product and research teams to target surveys at specific points in the user journey. They are a great way to collect highly contextual and accurate feedback. Super high response rates (almost 7x that of email surveys) are an additional benefit of in-product surveys. Blitzllama and Survicate both offer a comprehensive set of features for in-product surveys.



Delivery platforms

Android, iOS, Web, React Native, Flutter

Question types

Choices, Ratings, Open Text, Prompts, Images

AI survey generator

Generate a custom survey designed to answer your specific product questions.


Survey templates built by top product teams and experts.

Conditional flows

Create dynamic survey flows based on users’ responses.

Multilingual support

Launch surveys in multiple languages and personalize language to users’ preferences.


Event-based triggers

Launch in-product surveys after users complete the configured events in the mobile and web apps.

Event properties (eg. user opened survey via CTA on pricing page) aren’t stored.

Attribute and cohort-based targeting

Show survey a filtered set of users who match certain attributes or are part of specific cohorts.

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited responses

Restrictive: ~250 responses per month costs $99/month.

MAU sampling

Only in the Custom plan.

Only in the Scale plan.

UI/UX Customization

Advanced configurations to match the survey look and feel to your product’s branding.

Experience guardrails

Resurvey and frequency settings to not over-survey users.

Limited. Limits on views, looping, etc. aren’t available.

White labeling

Remove Blitzllama or Survicate branding in paid plans.


Create journeys i.e. followup surveys based on users’ responses to other surveys.

Real-time analytics

Real-time charts and graphs as responses flow in.

Custom dashboards

Shareable dashboards with pinned charts for easy access and collaboration.


AI-powered response categorization

AI-powered categorization of open-ended responses, aligned with product's taxonomy.


Insight generation

Advanced data mining techniques to uncover hidden insights and patterns in response data.

Link Surveys

Link surveys are a versatile and powerful tool for gathering feedback from users across various channels. By sharing a survey link through the product, email, social media, or messaging platforms, companies can reach a wide audience and collect valuable insights. Both Blitzllama and Survicate provide robust features for creating and managing link surveys.



Question types

Popular and wide range of question types

Conditional flows

Dynamic surveys adapting to user responses

Ease of use and setup

Intuitive and user-friendly

User ID attribution

Attaching user IDs to responses for accurate analysis

Survey frequency guardrails

Preventing duplicate responses and ensuring data integrity

Limited. Limits on views, looping, etc. aren’t available.

Auto-fill feature

Pushing additional data into the survey without users' knowledge

Partial response capture

Saving responses in cases where users don't complete the survey

Progress saving

Automatic saving, allowing users to resume from where they left off

UI/UX customization

Customizable UI/UX to match brand's look and feel


Survey URLs and branding

Customizable survey URLs and logo integration for trust and brand recognition

Data security

Encrypted user information to protect user IDs and responses

Multi-language support

Personalized language based on user preferences, automatic detection and translation

Multi-lingual responses aren’t translated to English.

Real-time analytics

Real-time charts and graphs as responses flow in

Custom dashboards

Shareable dashboards with pinned charts for easy access and collaboration


AI-powered response categorization

AI-powered categorization of open-ended responses, aligned with product's taxonomy


Insight generation

Advanced techniques to uncover hidden insights and patterns in response data

A note: Survicate offers email surveys but Blitzllama doesn’t yet.




Pricing variable

Monthly Active Users


Cost per 1,000 responses each month

$75 / month

$270 / month

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited responses

Unlimited seats

No add-on costs

Additional cost for exporting data, multilingual surveys, etc.

Free account

Free forever with limit of 100 responses/month.

Very restrictive - 10d trial or 25 responses/month.

Free pilots

Free pilot for you to test out your top use cases; includes all the benefits of a paid plan.

 30 to 45 days


Delivery platforms

Android, iOS, Web, React Native, Flutter, Links.


Blitzllama stands out for its always available and quick customer support. 

Udita Chaturvedi, Senior UXR at Rush Gaming, praises the support experience: "They (Blitzllama) go above and beyond to accommodate our feature requests, making the entire experience incredibly personalized. This tool has elevated our UXR efforts to a higher bar".



Email support

Chat support

Private Slack channels

1:1 Slack channels to quickly respond to any product or integration questions and collect feature requests.


Installation and setup

Custom setup plan (event setup, etc.) to match your use cases with optional live support.

Only in Scale plan

Onboarding and training

Product demos, calls to setup your use cases, and training your team to make the most of the tool.

Only in Scale plan

Roadmap acceleration

Prioritise features that are critical for your use cases.


Blitzllama and Survicate both offer a wide range of integrations, but only Blitzllama offers all integrations irrespective of the pricing plan. Below is snapshot of integrations, see our documentation for a full list of Blitzllama integrations.




Import cohort and user attributes

Only some in non-Enterpise plans.


Export response data


Export response and survey-level data in real time to your systems


Create user cohorts, upload user attributes and download response data.

Google Sheets

Sync surveys responses with your chosen Google Sheets.


Import user cohorts and export response data.

Cohort sync is not supported.


Import user cohorts and export response data.

Cohort sync is not supported.


Export response data and build custom workflows.


Sync Segment Event and Group calls, and export response data.


Sync Rudderstack Groups calls and export response data.


Updates on new responses and daily summaries.

Only response updates

Feedback Analytics

Feedback analytics help teams better understand their customers by collecting, organizing, and analyzing qualitative data from various sources like app store reviews and chat support conversations. While Survicate doesn’t offer this functionality, Blitzllama provides a centralized repository for user research data, making it easy for teams to collaborate, identify patterns, and share insights. By integrating with other tools and offering built-in reporting features, Blitzllama streamlines the research workflow and enables data-driven decision-making.



Analyse all forms of feedback

Generate insights from chat support conversations and app store reviews.


All requests and issues across all feedback sources is automatically prioritised to help plan sprints and roadmaps.

Survey insights

Cross question and user-attribute correlation analysis to identify patterns in survey data.


Search across all feedback data and get AI-powered analysis around customer pain points and product opportunities.

Switching to Blitzllama from Survicate

If you're considering switching from Survicate to Blitzllama, here are the top three reasons to make the change:

  1. AI analysis extends to all your feedback data, providing deeper insights.
  2. Affordable pricing plans that fit your budget.
  3. Immediate, responsive support from our dedicated team.

Blitzllama offers a 30-45 day free trial to explore how our platform can meet your specific use cases. Integration typically takes less than an hour, and our engineers will assist you with data migration and any other questions you may have.

If you're interested in making the switch, please email, and one of our founders will personally reach out to discuss your needs.