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Getting started with Blitzllama

A few high-level ideas on how your team can start using Blitzllama to become customer-informed.

July 21, 2022
Rahul Mallapur

Product and growth teams recognize the value of user research and making customer-informed decisions. Traditionally user research required days, sometimes weeks, of effort. Forcing fast-moving teams to skip user research completely and prioritize build-test over discover-build-test product development cycles.

Blitzllama is bridging this gap for product and growth teams. Blitzllama offers a dashboard that enables teams to seamlessly weave targeted feedback loops into user journeys. The textual feedback is synthesized using advanced NLP algorithms to provide actionable insights. Integration with analytics and product engagement tools provides a seamless way to import user cohorts and attributes into Blitzllama and export feedback data from Blitzllama to these tools. This essentially cuts down user research effort from weeks to just a few hours.

To start utilizing Blitzllama’s capabilities,(i) integrate the Blitzllama’s SDK into your mobile app or website. The total integration effort is < 30mins, please refer to the documentation for more details.

(ii) connect Blitzllama with your existing product engagement and analytics tools like Amplitude and Clevertap. This helps in better user targeting and syncing data across your product stack.

Once Blitzllama is set up, you are ready to start learning from your users. Here are two ways to get you started!

1. Know what your users are thinking about your product

Measure user experience and identify the unmet user needs

User experience studies focus on quantifying how your users are feeling about your product and understanding why they are feeling so. Starting off with broad user experience studies like a product review, PMF and NPS surveys help teams discover unmet customer needs, uncover bugs and performance issues, and gather critical insights on multiple features.

🌟 Pro Tip : If you like to interview or ask more questions to users who responded in a certain way, you can create follow-up cohorts of these users and launch surveys to only these users.

Suggested Templates on Blitzllama

2. Understand why your users take or don’t take certain actions

Know the “whys” behind users’ behavior to power your growth

The most common dilemma faced by the product and growth teams is “why are users not doing that action?”. Users from different demographics perceive the UI/UX in different ways, and it is often impossible to gather all points of view quickly.

Using Blitzllama, you can collect in-the-moment feedback from multiple user demographics at the same time. Here’s how.

Identify your three biggest funnel drops. Launch targeted micro surveys to ask questions to users immediately after they drop off from these funnels.

Insights on Blitzllama dashboard.

Suggested Templates on Blitzllama

🏁 Pro Tip : If you have any questions on how to best set up Blitzllama on your mobile app and website, please drop us an email at