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Introducing Blitzllama's Survey Assistant

Turn hypotheses into high quality surveys in real-time, bridging the gap between product ideas and genuine user insights.

August 1, 2023
Rahul Mallapur

Every product manager has been there—staring at an analytics dashboard and thinking, "Why are users behaving this way?" or brainstorming a new idea and wondering, "Will users resonate with this idea?" Product leaders, while prioritising roadmaps and refine specs, continuously seek ways to validate and build confidence in their features. At the heart of these queries lies the need to truly understand the user.

While these questions are pivotal, they often take a backseat to the urgency of product delivery. Product teams face the continuous challenge of balancing the speed of their deliveries - pumping out new features - with the need for discovery: understanding what truly solves user problems and drives positive business outcomes. A winning product strategy necessitates excellence in both discovery and delivery. Yet, the race for speed sometimes overshadows the essence of discovery. 

The result? Beautiful and technically robust features that unfortunately don’t resonate with the users.

Our journey with Blitzllama was fuelled by a goal to empower product teams to secure insights in few hours, not weeks. Collaborating with over 100 product teams, we discovered a recurring obstacle: the significant effort required to transform product questions into effective research questions. This demanded days to craft a survey, seeking validation at multiple stages. 

Enter the Survey Assistant - a GPT-powered feature designed to streamline this process. With it, craft unbiased and context-rich surveys in moments, enhancing both the speed and quality of user feedback.

Why is the Survey Assistant super useful for product discovery?

  • Aligned Taxonomy & Context: By integrating publicly available company data and our rich feedback repository, we ensure the questions align with your company.

  • Bias-free: The days of leading questions and bias-checks are over. Our refined model curbs biases effectively.
  • Ease of use: Express your objectives and hypotheses freely and in your words. Decide if you want your survey to be evaluative (more objective) or generative (more open ended).
Add your objective and hypothesis in your own words.
  • Real-time surveys: Watch as your prompts turn into Blitzllama surveys instantly, with the flexibility to modify questions, set conditions, or add multiple languages.
  • Infinite Iterations: Tweak and perfect your surveys endlessly until they align with your objective.
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With Survey Assistant available in both free and paid plans, versions available, the stands ready to revolutionise your next product discovery venture. Dive into a world of rapid, meaningful user insights powered by cutting-edge AI. Embrace the Blitzllama experience today, and embark on the path to crafting products that truly resonate with your audience.

Want to try out the Survey Assistant? Sign up Blitzllama - it's available in both paid and free plans. 

It's an easy tool to help you understand your users better and faster. So, give it a shot for your next product discovery exercise. Join Blitzllama today, and let's make products that users truly enjoy.