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Introducing Survey Insights on Blitzllama

Cross-question and correlation analysis of survey data to provide deep insights and recommendations.

October 21, 2023
Rahul Mallapur

Survey analysis can sometimes feel like you're swimming against a tide – it's pivotal for extracting meaningful insights, but can often be a lengthy and intricate process. For those who love analyzing data and have time on their hands, sifting through pivot charts to discern how users who answered X in Question 1 feel about Question 3 can be an exhilarating adventure. Yet, for the majority, it's a challenging ordeal.

Moreover, the efficacy of such analyses isn't always consistent. While it's crucial to pay heed to what your users demand, the emphasis should be on 'why' and 'how many.' Is it really judicious to spend resources on developing a feature like a CSV download, merely because a handful of users requested it? Additionally, identifying patterns like “users who opted for Option A in Q2 are 10x more likely to be Merchants” can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

We recognised these challenges and we're thrilled to unveil Blitzllama’s Survey Insights Feature! A seamless blend of cross-question analysis and user attributes correlation, this tool leverages advanced data mining methods and the prowess of GPT4 to transform survey responses into profound insights.

Here's a sneak peek!

Survey Insights for one of the Blitzllama's surveys.

Why opt for Blitzllama's Survey Insights?

  1. Effortless Discovery: Unearth insights that traditionally demand intricate filters or numerous pivot charts.
  2. Quality over Quantity: Think of it as an expert data analyst at your fingertips. The quality of insights derived mirrors the effort and expertise you'd otherwise need to invest.
  3. Trust but Verify: While our insights offer a robust starting point, you're always free to dive deeper and validate the data personally.
  4. Scalability: With surveys featuring >3 questions and conditional flows, complexity burgeons. Blitzllama’s Survey Insights feature elegantly handles this complexity, ensuring you don't miss out on pivotal patterns.
  5. Comprehensive Analysis: User attributes, often scattered across diverse sources, are considered into the analysis.
  6. Time-Aware: Our feature is astute enough to conduct temporal analyses for long running surveys.
  7. Reliability Index: Differentiate between insights that stand on firm ground from those that are more speculative.

In a rapidly-evolving world, decisions need to be swift, accurate, and data-driven. Blitzllama ensures you have the right tools to make this possible. Whether you're a product guru, a budding user researcher, or a seasoned product team, why not leverage our new feature to its fullest?

And the icing on the cake? Blitzllama offers a free tier. So, dive in, explore, and let the data guide your journey. Sign up on Blitzllama today!