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Transitioning from Pendo Feedback to Blitzllama: Elevating Feedback Flows

Choose Blitzllama for custom branding, a centralized feedback hub, feedback analytics, user, AI-assisted surveys, significant cost savings, and lightning-fast support.

July 4, 2023
Rahul Mallapur

Are you considering migrating from Pendo Feedback to Blitzllama? This article will provide a comprehensive guide on why Blitzllama might be the alternative you are looking for. While Pendo Feedback is renowned for its analytics features and survey functionality to collect customer feedback, there are limitations that might push product teams to seek other alternatives. Blitzllama provides an innovative approach to collecting and analyzing product feedback, offering features that could significantly boost your team's productivity and streamline your feedback collection process.

Takeaways: Why choose Blitzllama over Pendo Feedback?

  1. Match your brand: Customize extensively, including custom CSS, for seamless branding.
  2. All-in-one feedback: Centralize and search all feedback data seamlessly.
  3. Deep feedback analysis: Utilize advanced segmentation for rich insights and dashboards.
  4. Protect user experience: Prevent survey fatigue with intelligent UX guardrails.
  5. Reliable data: Filters for accidental clicks, spam, and confidence indicators ensure quality.
  6. AI-assisted surveys: Leverage AI for unbiased, meaningful survey questions.
  7. Complex surveys: Support for all question types, logical flows, and multiple languages.
  8. Much more affordable: Customers report cutting costs by a third when switching.
  9. Rapid support: Experience industry-leading, lightning-fast customer support.

Pendo Feedback: An Introduction

Pendo Feedback is a standalone product that allows product teams to collect customer requests, capture the voice of the customer, and turn it into actionable insights. With Pendo, teams can easily create no-code surveys, deliver them in-app or via email, and target specific user segments. However, it does come with limitations. For instance, to fully customize the appearance of your Polls, you need some CSS and JS knowledge. Furthermore, you cannot tag and analyze qualitative answers in-app, so you have to export them to third-party apps, which some users find challenging.

Blitzllama: An Introduction

Blitzllama offers a seamless way for product and growth teams to collect and analyze accurate product feedback faster. The platform allows for targeted in-product surveys, leading to contextual feedback with average response rates of 35%—10 times that of email surveys. With its GPT3-powered feedback analytics, Blitzllama can instantly categorize and translate feedback into topics, sentiments, and recommendations, saving hours of categorizing feedback data. All feedback is stored in a single repository, making it easier to segment historical data and construct dashboards.

Benefits of Migrating from Pendo Feedback to Blitzllama

1. User-friendly Customization

Pendo allows the creation of surveys without coding, but it requires knowledge of CSS, JS, and HTML for full customization. This can limit product, growth, and user research teams from customizing their surveys to the fullest extent. In contrast, Blitzllama provides a highly user-friendly interface that allows for comprehensive customization of surveys without any need for coding skills. This gives teams greater control over their survey design, allowing them to better align the surveys with their branding and specific needs.

2. Superior Analytics Capabilities

Pendo's analytics are limited when it comes to qualitative answers - users cannot tag and analyze these in-app and must export them to third-party apps, a process that can be challenging.

With GPT-powered summarization, Blitzllama saves hours of reviewing data, enabling quick identification of trends and opportunities for improvement. It allows teams to plug in feedback from multiple sources like review platforms, providing a comprehensive view of customer pain points and requests.

Additionally, having a single, searchable repository for all your feedback data makes it easy to further analyze feedback by user cohorts and provides quick access to historical feedback.

“Blitzllama is a powerful user research tool that offers a lot more than Pendo's Surveys when it comes to understanding data and setting up good feedback systems in the product. The big win with Blitzllama is that it lets us collect feedback without overwhelming users with too many feedback asks; this is clear from the much higher response rates we get with Blitzllama compared to Pendo's.”
- Head of Product at HRtech SaaS startup.

3. Extensive Feedback Collection Capabilities

Blitzllama provides a variety of question types, logic flows, image support, and the ability to personalize questions based on user attributes, among other features. It also includes an AI-powered question assistant, which aids in quickly crafting unbiased and insightful surveys. As this assistant continuously learns from your data, it ensures better alignment with your taxonomy and context, resulting in more contextually relevant surveys.

Moreover, Blitzllama incorporates experience guardrails to prevent over-surveying of the same users, along with numerous other configurable options. It also includes data guardrails, such as filters for accidental clicks or spam, and statistical confidence indicators for robust data interpretation.

Pendo's feedback collection tool, Pendo Feedback, while functional, can be a bit basic and constrained in functionalities like skip logic and multi-language support. Contrastingly, Blitzllama's feedback collection functionalities are much more comprehensive and configurable. This facilitates a deeper understanding of user behavior and preferences, which in turn supports the development of effective strategies for customer satisfaction and retention.

"My team of researchers raised concerns about their inability to set up complex surveys with features like skip logic. Additionally, they found the appearance and customization options of Pendo surveys to be quite rigid. Overall, the user experience and features felt basic and outdated.

We made the switch to Blitzllama in order to consolidate all our survey data in a centralized location accessible across the organization. I personally value the concept of an insight repository and appreciate the seamless integration with JIRA and ProductBoard, which are essential for our roadmap planning.

Moreover, the ease with which we can generate reports and summaries for sharing with various stakeholders is highly beneficial."
- Product Research Manager at a global fintech SaaS company.

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4. Seamless Third-party Integrations

Blitzllama is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools. This allows for the easy syncing of survey and feedback data with product analytics (like Amplitude, Segment, Mixpanel), project management tools (like Jira, and ProductBoard), and collaboration (like Slack and Teams). This level of integration enhances workflow efficiency, ensuring customer data is centrally located, and easily accessible, unlike Pendo which requires additional integrations or manual exporting of data.

💡It takes < 20 lines of code to integrate​ Blitzllama into your website or dashboard.

5. Cost-Effective Feedback Platform

Pendo's approach to surveys and feedback tools can be fragmented, with Pendo Surveys integrated into the main suite and Pendo Feedback as a standalone product requiring a separate subscription. This separation may introduce complexity to the user experience and inflate costs. On the other hand, Blitzllama delivers an integrated platform that combines both survey and feedback analytics into a single dashboard. This not only simplifies the user experience but also reduces costs and enhances the organization of collected data. Our clients have reported an average cost savings of about a third after transitioning from Pendo.

Moreover, Blitzllama stands out for its unparalleled customer support and availability—arguably the best you'll experience in the SaaS platform landscape!

"Blitzllama is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to conduct feedback surveys. We are also very happy and impressed with the support the Blitzllama team provided."
- CPO at a loyalty and engagement company.

In conclusion, the user-friendly customization, unified platform, advanced analytics, streamlined feedback collection, and seamless third-party integrations offered by Blitzllama make it a compelling alternative to Pendo. By addressing some of the key limitations of Pendo, Blitzllama provides a more efficient and effective solution for collecting and analyzing customer feedback.