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Unlocking deeper insights: The benefits of combining analytical tools with Blitzllama

Using in-product survey tools like Blitzllama with analytical tools provides a deeper and actionable understanding of user behaviours and helps build great product experiences.

April 17, 2023
Rahul Mallapur

You are diving through your latest analytics data. As you comb through analytical dashboards, you uncover a user behaviour: a significant drop off in a product flow. Implications of fixing this dropoff is massive and could be a game changer for your product revenue. You delve deeper into the data, trying to attribute to acquisition sources, past user actions, user attributes, etc. After spending hours, you are still baffled.

The triumph of the initial discovery starts to wane, but you know you have to fix the dropoff. You make a checklist of hypotheses, pick the most promising based on intuition and plan a solution. Fast forward one month, your feature is shipped but there is a little change in the drop off. It’s back to the drawing board for you. It’s a frustrating setback. We all product managers have been there.

Wouldn’t it have been so much easier if we could only ask users - why they dropped off and what they were thinking at that moment?

Absolutely! You can get highly contextual feedback within minutes when you use an in-product survey tool like Blitzllama with your analytical tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel or Bigquery.

Get deeper and actionable insights by infusing feedback with analytics

When you use Blitzllama and analytical tools together, you revolutionise the power of your analytics. After identifying where and when key actions happen in your product with your analytical tools, you can uncover why users take that action in Blitzllama using targeted in-product surveys. A few

Much deeper understanding of users, faster and at scale.

- Pinpoint the reasons behind drop offs at critical product stages- Understand what users think about the new features- Know what your most valued or the newest users need in your product- Continuously evaluate product hypothesis against a specific cohort of users

Easy to plug feedback data into your analytical tools.

- Monitor ratings or NPS scores for different user cohorts- Segment feedback by user cohorts, attributes and devices- Create feedback dashboards in a single place inside your analytical tools

Plug Blitzllama with your analytical tools

Blitzllama has pre built integrations with most analytical tools, so connecting the tools only takes a few clicks. You can then seamlessly launch in-product surveys and the collected feedback is automatically categorised into themes and sentiment. Using webhooks or Segment Streams (native integrations coming soon!), you can sync your feedback data and themes back into your analytical tools as user-based events.

Mixpanel and Blitzllama are the most used tools by the product team at Markaz. Mixpanel provides us with valuable information on the "when and where" of issues, while Blitzllama delivers the qualitative insights needed to understand the "why" behind them. Without Blitzllama, we would be left guessing, wasting valuable time building features without conviction. Thanks to Blitzllama, we can develop our product with confidence. Ayan, Product Manager at Markaz.

We use Blitzllama and Clevertap to continuously improve experience inside our product journeys. We collect Blitzllama’s in-product surveys to collect targeted feedback from cohorts that are synced from Clevertap. By listening and acting only to the right users’ feedback, we have managed to create exceptional product experience much faster. Uday, Product Manager at Fanclash.

To summarise, when you use Blitzllama with your analytical tools, you can generate highly contextual and actionable insights that help you create a true understanding of your user behaviours. Enabling you to build great product experiences that are loved by your users.

Blitzllama is the fastest way to gather accurate feedback from users. Sign up here to get started with a free Blitzllama account.