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Why Migrate from MoEngage+Typeform to Blitzllama?

Switch to Blitzllama: Your all-in-one powerhouse for user research that supercharges your insights and elevates your customer understanding.

June 28, 2023
Rahul Mallapur

Are you on the hunt for a more streamlined and powerful user research solution to replace your current tech stack powered by MoEngage and Typeform? Blitzllama might just be the alternative you are looking for. With features designed specifically for product teams, Blitzllama is set to become your new best bet for product research.

Key Takeaways

  • Effortless Insights: Blitzllama's AI-powered summarization and ability to integrate feedback from multiple sources dramatically reduces the time spent on data analysis, boosting your team's productivity by up to 30%.
  • Seamless Integration & Enhanced Research: With quick setup, robust configurations, and compatibility with popular analytics tools, Blitzllama ensures comprehensive and efficient product research, while providing a superior end-user experience.
  • Greater Value: Blitzllama delivers more functionality and flexibility than MoEngage and Typeform combined, at a similar or lower cost, along with unlimited team participation and superior support. Let's take a closer look at why you should consider making this switch.

MoEngage and Typeform: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

To be fair, using MoEngage for in-product surveys does offer a few benefits. Superior targeting, pre-configured triggers, support for basic question types, and Typeform integration are some of the perks that come with this tech stack. However, if you're working at a fast-moving company, you may encounter several challenges with this setup.

Hard to Extract Insights from Feedback Data

Without textual analysis, reading through all responses can be time-consuming. Moreover, Typeform's feedback data doesn't integrate with MoEngage, making data analysis cumbersome. Review platforms and support tools like Intercom and Freshdesk are important sources of feedback, but extracting useful product insights from them is a challenge. And, of course, the process of exporting cohorts and user IDs from third-party analytics tools like Amplitude to Typeform and then to MoEngage is anything but smooth.

Subpar User Experience

The user interface and user experience are less than ideal. Surveys don't stop after receiving desired responses, leading to error screens for users. The non-native look, especially for mobile apps, as Typeform surveys load in web views, is off-putting. Limited translation support makes researching multilingual users more difficult and time-consuming. MoEngage also lacks checks to prevent resurveying the same users frequently.

Cost of Typeform

Despite these shortcomings, you still have to pay for Typeform. The standard plans limit team participation to 3 or 5 members, making it hard to keep everyone aligned on customer feedback. Also, Typeform's advanced features are only available in plans starting from $99/month.

"Our research and marketing teams choose Blitzllama's link surveys over our enterprise Typeform subscription. The reason behind this preference is that Blitzllama's surveys automatically organize responses into relevant topics, allowing us to analyze multiple language surveys conveniently in one central location. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly feature to filter out spam and irrelevant feedback effortlessly."
- product manager from a fintech unicorn backed by a16z

Why Consider Blitzllama?

To start with, here are a few reasons to consider Blitzllama over MoEngage and Typeform's combined solution:

  1. Auto-generation of insights: Blitzllama's AI-powered summarization not only saves hours of reviewing data but also enables quick identification of trends and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Single, searchable repository: All your feedback data is stored in one place, making it easy to analyze feedback by user cohorts and access historical feedback.
  3. Easy to set up: A simple 20-line code integration can have Blitzllama up and running in less than 2 hours.
  4. Experience guardrails: Blitzllama provides guardrails to ensure users aren't surveyed too frequently and other configuration options.
  5. Multilingual support: From the personalized language in questions to the auto-translation of responses, Blitzllama supports extensive multilingual research.
  6. Native in-app experience: With Blitzllama, you can match your branding without any code. All question types, including audio and video, are supported in the native widgets.
  7. Browser-based usability testing: Ship new features that hit the mark with Blitzllama's usability testing capabilities.

Then there are many other nitty-gritty in Blitzllama that user researchers and product teams love such as auto-save progress, collect response time to filter our low intent filters, and statistical confidence indicators.

Feature Comparison - MoEngage+Typeform vs. Blitzllama

At a high level, here’s how Blitzllama's toolkit compares with MoEngage and Typeform in terms of features:

Feature Blitzllama MoEngage + Typeform
Auto-generation of insights GPT-powered insights None
Native app experience Native, in-product surveys Surveys open in webview
Connects with tools in the product stack Supports cohort import and feedback export Only feedback export.
User experience guardrails Extensive None
AI-powered question assistant Available, trained on your data Available, generic
Multilingual support Extensive Limited
Trigger surveys on user events Extensive Limited
Cohort based surveys Available Available
Data guardrails Relevant statistical indicators at each decision point. None
Support Available over private Slack and other IM channels, with response times in minutes. Standard support over chat with response times in hours.

“Our biggest benefit of moving from MoEngage surveys to Blitzllama surveys is the speed of insights. If we have adhoc product or growth questions, we are able to get answers in 24 hours.”
- growth lead at a Series B e-commerce startup.

Blitzllama: Built for Product Teams, Designed for Scale

Blitzllama is built ground up for product teams. From elegant interfaces, and extensive feature sets, to an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction, Blitzllama makes it noticeably easier to conduct comprehensive user research. With open-sourced UI components and production-ready templates, getting started with Blitzllama takes minutes, not months.

Migrating from MoEngage+Typeform to Blitzllama not only provides your team with a more streamlined and comprehensive user research solution, but also empowers you to conduct efficient, effective, and accurate product research. We also guarantee the fastest support and highest availability that you’ve come across on any platform!

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