In-app surveys for mobile apps
Integrate Blitzllama's SDK into your Android app and launch targeted in-app surveys to collect accurate feedback in real time.
In-App Surveys
Native Installation
Why integrate Blitzllama into your Android app?
Continously validate product hypothesis, identify product gaps, and collect feature requests using in-app surveys.
  • All question types and functionalities to create conditional flows and personalize to users.
  • Launch surveys based on user actions or visits to specific app screens.
  • Features such as "ask again in x days" support all usecases of product teams.
  • Guardrails to ensure your users have delightful experience giving feedback.
  • Customize the survey's UI/UX to match your app's branding.
  • Extensive multilingual support to effortlessly survey all your users.
Uncover insights and ship products that users love