Google Tag Manager
In-app surveys for mobile apps
A no-code method to integrate Blitzllama into your website and dashboards using Google Tag Manager.
In-App Surveys
No Code Installation
Why integrate Blitzllama using Google Tag Manager?
By integrating Blitzllama using Google Tag Manager, you can gather highly contextual feedback from your users without any engineering effort.
  • All features of a native Web SDK integration without coding.
  • Supporting all question types and conditional flows.
  • Launch surveys based on user actions or visits to specific app screens.
  • Guardrails to ensure your users have delightful experience.
  • Customize the survey's UI/UX to match your app's branding.
  • Features such as personalisation and filters to support all use cases of product teams.
  • Extensive multilingual support to effortlessly survey all your users.
Uncover insights and ship products that users love