React Native
In-app surveys for mobile apps
Add Blitzllama's React Native SDK and seamlessly launch targeted in-app surveys for your Android and iOS users, gathering accurate feedback quickly.
In-App Surveys
Native Installation
Why integrate Blitzllama into your React Native app?
Blitzllama can help you quickly gather user feedback to improve feature adoption and increase conversions across product stages if you integrate it into your React Native app.
  • A native instead of wrapper architecture ensures fewer UI glitches and compatability issues.
  • All question types and functionalities to create conditional flows and personalize to users
  • Launch surveys based on user actions or visits to specific app screens.
  • Features such as "ask again in x days" support all usecases of product teams.
  • Guardrails to ensure your users have delightful experience giving feedback.
  • Customize the survey's UI/UX to match your app's branding.
  • Extensive multilingual support to effortlessly survey all your users.
Uncover insights and ship products that users love