Boost Feature Adoption
Pinpoint feature experience gaps and guide targeted enhancements.

Analytics data offers a glimpse into user behavior within features but doesn't decipher why users might not be fully utilizing them. Detailed customer feedback shines a light on usability, preferences, and user expectations. This empowers product teams to refine their strategy based on actual user experiences.
How does feedback supercharge your product development?
Customer feedback captures personal experiences, emotions, and distinct challenges, delivering valuable insights that surpass what analytics or intuition alone can provide. This empowers business and product teams to effectively address customer issues and enhance satisfaction.
The Blitzllama advantage

Cohort syncs

Integrate cohorts from tools like Mixpanel or Segment to direct questions to the right users.

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Event-based triggers

Leverage event-based targeting to prompt users at the right moment for feedback while they are using the feature, ensuring highly contextual feedback.

Rapid insights

With pre-created survey templates, launch Blitzllama surveys in under 5 minutes. Achieve response rates of 30% and obtain a statistically significant feedback dataset in just a few hours.

User and data guardrails

Adjust contact and frequency settings to avoid over-surveying users. Confidence indicators and filters exclude accidental clicks, ensuring decisions are based on trustworthy feedback data.

How to set it up in Blitzllama?
  1. Design your survey: Begin by creating a list of all potential hypotheses about feature adoption. Then, browse through Blitzllama’s template library to help you formulate the right questions that address these hypotheses and align with your goals.
  2. Launch survey: Next, identify the users whose feedback is crucial based on their characteristics and interactions with your product. Also, determine the appropriate moments within your product experience to ask questions, aiming to uncover potential barriers to feature adoption.
  3. Monitor and act : Regularly review survey responses to track changes in user engagement and sentiment over time. Utilize Blitzllama’s AI Analysis theme summary to transform these ongoing insights into practical actions for your team to improve feature adoption.
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Using Blitzllama's in-app surveys, product teams get immediate insights into user behaviors, understand feature usability and adoption patterns, make effective changes, and drive improved adoption rates.
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