Build your Product Roadmap
Prioritize feature developments according to actual user needs for a more customer-centric product roadmap.

Collecting feature requests unveils user needs and pain points you might overlook or underestimate. It helps ensure what you're building matches user wants, driving a product roadmap that aligns with customer needs.

Unlike customer support tools that mainly capture bugs and support requests, directly soliciting feature requests from users reveals their insights and preferences. This approach leads to a product that resonates with your audience and results in improved user retention and satisfaction.
How does feedback supercharge your product development?
Engaging users in the product development process creates a sense of participation and enhances retention rates. Open-ended questions can spark new insights, unveiling valuable perspectives.

Customer feedback captures user-driven feature demands, filling the gap between what users say and their actual actions. It ensures that your roadmap reflects real user needs and preferences.

Note: Look beyond the suggested features and understand the issues behind them, the reasons for these requests, and their urgency. This strategy helps avoid discrepancies between expressed preferences and user actions.

The Blitzllama advantage

Targeted feedback

Blitzllama allows you to target specific user cohorts from tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, or CleverTap, ensuring relevant feedback collection.

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Immediate insights

Blitzllama's GPT-powered feedback analytics automatically categorize textual feedback into topics, sentiments, and urgency, providing quick insights.

Centralized feedback repository

All feedback is housed in one repository, and a visual query builder simplifies the segmentation of bugs or feature requests.

Continuous feedback collection

Set the resurvey waiting period to n days for continuous, contextual feedback, helping you stay updated on user needs.

How to set it up in Blitzllama?
  1. Collect requests from your engaged users: Choose the NPS template from our Templates library.
  2. Identify feature opportunities: Identify relevant users and the optimal stage to present the survey. Configure its frequency.
  3. Test designs: Regularly check the NPS scores and review AI-generated insights from feedback.
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By utilizing Blitzllama, you can effectively capture user feature requests, involve users in the development process, and prioritize features based on user needs. This user-focused approach ensures a product roadmap that resonates with your audience, driving engagement and ROI.
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