Collect Accurate NPS
Gain contextual insights and measure the success of product initiatives.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) serves as a useful measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction. It gives companies a clear idea of customers' likelihood to recommend their product or service.

Monitoring NPS trends helps spot changes in customer sentiment, allowing businesses to understand the impact of any modifications, updates, or enhancements to their offerings.

Pairing NPS with open-ended follow-up questions delivers a deeper understanding of particular product or service aspects that customers like or find difficult, steering targeted improvements.
How does feedback supercharge your product development?
Customer feedback captures personal experiences, emotions, and distinct challenges, delivering valuable insights that surpass what analytics or intuition alone can provide. This empowers business and product teams to effectively address customer issues and enhance satisfaction.
The Blitzllama advantage

Highly accurate

Our in-app surveys ask users to rate their experience while
interacting with your product, leading to more relevant and reliable

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10x response rates

Seamless user experience maximize response rates, providing real-time feedback that helps teams quickly identify and address customer concerns or areas for improvement.

Continuous and scalable

User experience guardrails ensure users are not over-surveyed,
which makes it easy to scale and continuously monitor customer

Instant insights

GPT-powered analytics automatically categorizes feedback into topics, and sentiments, and provides recommendations. Data filters remove spam and highlight feedback from high-intent users.

Steps to collect accurate NPS with Blitzllama?
  1. Select Template: Choose the NPS template from our Templates library.
  2. Target Audience: Identify relevant users and the optimal stage to present the survey. Configure its frequency.
  3. Monitor & Review: Regularly check the NPS scores and review AI-generated insights from feedback.
  4. Take Action: Use insights to guide your team's efforts in improving the product and customer satisfaction.
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In summary, Our in-app surveys for NPS collection offer companies practical and actionable insights, higher response rates, continuous monitoring, and immediate feedback analytics. All these contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving product success.
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