Improve Conversion Funnels
Discover reasons for dropoffs, optimize conversions, and boost user engagement and retention.

While quantitative analytics tools offer insight into user behavior in critical funnels, they often miss the underlying reasons for dropoffs. Bridging this gap necessitates pairing quantitative trends with qualitative user feedback.

By collecting specific customer feedback, product teams obtain an in-depth understanding of users' needs, concerns, and conversion barriers. This knowledge allows teams to pinpoint and tackle key issues, thereby enhancing user experiences and raising conversion rates.
How does feedback supercharge your product development?
Feedback enriches analytics by offering qualitative insights alongside quantitative data. It illuminates the 'why' behind dropoffs, revealing hidden usability issues and user perspectives that may not emerge through analytics alone.

Combining user feedback with analytics allows product managers to identify conversion hurdles, expose product and messaging problems, and gain a comprehensive view of the user journey. This enlightened approach facilitates data-driven decisions and effective conversion funnel optimization.
The Blitzllama advantage

Contextual Feedback

You can prompt users right after they complete an event in the product. As the context was clear, the users give very specific and accurate feedback.

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Rapid Insights

Using pre-created survey templates designed for conversion flow optimization, you can design surveys in minutes.


Experience guardrails prevent over-surveying while data guardrails highlight statistical metrics to help you make correct decisions.

Native UI/UX

Blitzllama's highly customizable survey widget matches your brand, ensuring seamless integration and higher response rates.

How to set it up in Blitzllama?
  1. Identify conversion barriers: Examine your product analytics to pinpoint areas in your conversion flow that cause user dropoffs.  
  2. Design in-product surveys: Generate a list of potential hypotheses about feature adoption. Use Blitzllama’s template library to frame suitable questions that address these hypotheses.
  3. Launch surveys: Identify crucial users through your product analytics and sync them to Blitzllama. Determine when to ask questions within your product experience to uncover potential journey barriers.
  4. Monitor and take action: Regularly review survey responses to track changes in user engagement and sentiment. Use Blitzllama’s AI Analysis to translate continuous insights into practical improvements.
  5. Develop solutions: Brainstorm product fixes to address conversion blockers. If a major change is considered, run prototype tests with a small set of users to confirm it improves the user experience and encourages conversion.
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In summary,
Our in-app surveys for NPS collection offer companies practical and actionable insights, higher response rates, continuous monitoring, and immediate feedback analytics. All these contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving product success.
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