Optimise New Features
Gather real-time user feedback to refine and perfect your new feature launches.

Every new feature launch is a leap into the unknown. While metrics give a glimpse into user engagement, they don't capture the full picture. What do users truly think? How can product teams tap into user experience right where it happens? The answer lies in real-time, in-product feedback, enabling teams to optimize effectively based on authentic user insights.
Optimizing new features through in-product feedback
In-product feedback is an instant pulse-check, eliminating the waiting period that comes with traditional metrics like repeat usage. It uncovers the "why" behind user behaviors, granting clarity on their experience and expectations. This qualitative insight quickly pinpoints areas for enhancement, guiding product teams to make informed decisions. With this, feature optimization becomes faster, more focused, and grounded in user-centricity.

The Blitzllama advantage

Immediate insights

Engage with users who have just interacted with the feature, ensuring immediate and relevant feedback.

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Contextual feedback

Gain a deeper perspective with feedback captured right after feature usage.

Deeper understanding

With in-product surveys, go deeper understanding user expectations, messaging gaps, and gather improvement suggestions.

AI-powered analysis

Blitzllama's AI-powered survey insights turn raw feedback into actionable insights and helps prioritise the optimisations.

End-to-end feedback loop

Streamline your feature enhancement processes with Blitzllama, from gathering contextual feedback to informing relevant users about their shipped requests.

Observe and optimize

Monitor optimization impacts in real-time, ensuring sustained feature enhancement.

An often overlooked benefit: Positive user feedback sometimes slips through the cracks. When users voice their appreciation, like "This feature is a game-changer!" or "You've made my day with this!", it’s not just a validation but also a morale boost for your team. Blitzllama ensures these golden nuggets of appreciation are never missed.
How to set it up in Blitzllama?
  1. Initiate an in-product survey immediately after the feature interaction, or embed a “Give Feedback” CTA within the feature flow.
  2. Frame questions around the feature's ease of use, its alignment with user expectations, and areas of potential enhancement.
  3. As feedback pours in, discern between temporary sentiments and persistent issues, leveraging Blitzllama's AI-powered survey insights.
  4. Identify areas of improvement, prioritize them, and once implemented, keep your users in the loop about their shipped requests.
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Qualitative feedback, especially when captured in-product, is instrumental in refining and enhancing new features rapidly. Blitzllama empowers product teams to access this trove of insights seamlessly, fostering a user-centric approach to feature optimization.
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