Test Designs With Users
Test designs directly with users, refine based on feedback, and guarantee each feature meets real-world expectations for maximum user engagement.

In times where user experience defines product success, validating designs before diving into development is not a luxury - it's a necessity. With countless products seeking user attention, your designs must stand out and truly resonate. Blitzllama bridges the gap, turning your designs into user-driven success stories.
How does design validation help with product development?
Blitzllama is the ally for design, product, and user research teams. It offers the ability to test and refine designs based on real user interactions, spotlighting potential pain points and usability issues early on. This not only ensures that products hit the mark but also cuts down on post-launch adjustments, enhancing both user satisfaction and overall product efficiency.

The Blitzllama advantage

Integrated design workflows

Seamlessly integrate with design tools like Figma and Adobe XD for a smooth transition from design to testing.

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Browser-based testing

Browser-based tests are platform agnostic. Share tests effortlessly over email, Slack, WhatsApp, or even directly within your app.

Desktop and mobile compatability

Whether on desktop or mobile, Blitzllama ensures a consistent user experience.

Unmoderated testing

Offer a split view of designs and questions. Optionally record the screen to understand user interactions.

Targeted testing

Distribute tests to specific focus groups and internal users, ensuring feedback is both relevant and actionable.

Collaborative insights

Easily share and discuss test results with stakeholders and team members for informed decision-making.

How to set it up in Blitzllama?
  1. Create a prototype test: Begin by integrating your design files from tools like Figma. Supplement your designs with specific questions to capture nuanced user feedback.
  2. Share and deploy: With its browser-based nature, distribute your test through various channels like email, Slack, or WhatsApp. You can even embed it directly into your app for in-product testing.
  3. Capture comprehensive feedback: Blitzllama captures screen interactions, giving you a holistic view of how users perceive and interact with your designs.
  4. Iterate for excellence: Leverage the insights gathered to refine your designs, ensuring they resonate with your target users and fulfill their needs.
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Design validation ensures that your product resonates with users, minimizing costly post-launch iterations and elevating user satisfaction. Blitzllama seamlessly bridges design intent with user experience, offering real-time insights that empower teams to craft intuitive and impactful products.
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